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About the Foundation

For certain, Al Barry, a retired Marine, believed in service, duty, honor and personal responsibility. Seldom did he speak of all that he accomplish or did for others — he held most close to his vest. An exception was his great love and respect of the U.S. Marine Corps and all those who wore a military uniform. So, it is fitting that the Foundation carries his name and that our hearts are filled with each Foundation gift delivered to a Wounded Warrior, Veteran, Cancer Patient, Hospice Patient, or Patient with major mobility challenges.
Liz Taylor-Barry, Founder The Al Barry Foundation

The Al Barry Foundation was created in memory of Lt. Colonel Albert P. Barry, USMC Retired, (1936- 2007) to honor his love of family & friends, service to Country, and for his courageous battle with Glioblastoma (brain cancer). In response to one of Al's last wishes to help others — because so many had helped Al and Liz during his year-long treatments —the Foundation was created to serve Wounded Warriors and Veterans.

Reaching beyond patients who served in the military services, the Foundation expanded its reach in 2012 to include Cancer Patients, Hospice Patients and Patients with major mobility challenges. The primary product of the Foundation is modular clothing, designed to slip across the body and fasten with snaps. The clothing's trade name if BarryBasics™. Several thousand pieces of clothing has been gifted to Wounded Warriors and Veterans at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in the Washington, D.C. area and Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany.

The mission of the Foundation is dependent upon donations and gifts. Under the by-laws, the Foundation may coordinate the research, design, development, manufacture of specialty apparel and health care products; may provide business and product development services; obtain the right to re-sell through purchase of specialty apparel and health care products to raise funds; seek grant opportunities to carry out the purpose of the corporation; and distribute and sell specialty apparel and products as gifts to patients. Incorporated in the State of South Carolina, the Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit 501(c)(3).

Current Board Members include Liz Taylor-Barry of South Carolina, Lance Vetter of Florida, Matthew Barry of South Carolina, and Verarose Muir of Florida.