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In addition to having friends share stories about Al Barry, we would love to have you share your story if you have worn the apparel. Please use the form to the right to add your personal experience with Al Barry or our modular medical apparel. Please note, your submission will be screened and posted subject to approval.

Apparel testimony

September 21, 2010 by Richard Corbin

I recently had knee replacement surgery and was fortunate enough to have access to the Barry line of medical clothing. The clothing is the highest quality and most purpose designed clothes that I've ever seen. I've had several major surgeries in my life and the hospital clothing as well as my personal bed clothes were ALWAYS uncomfortable, hard to get into and out of, and poorly designed for IV lines, drain lines, catheters, etc. This clothing was designed for all hospital and physical therapy procedures. The placement of the plastic snaps/openings could not be more well thought out.
The wicking ability takes away the discomfort brought about by the perspiring that comes with spending days lying in bed. The garments are also attractive enough that you can feel comfortable walking down the hospital hall as well as wearing them in public. Hospital visits are never fun, but the more negatives that can be eliminated, the less stressful the ordeal is.
Once I had no further need for this clothing, I passed them along to a friend who had been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.He was hospitalized for about a week before I gave him this clothing. It changed his mental outlook considerably when he no longer had the hassle of wearing that hospital gown. He was in the hospital for about a month and still faces a long recovery process. It has been 6 months, to this point, and he still utilizes this clothing.
My sincere appreciatioon goes out to Barry Basics for the opportunity to use their clothing and for their efforts on behalf of the Wounded Warrior program.
Richard Corbin