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In addition to having friends share stories about Al Barry, we would love to have you share your story if you have worn the apparel. Please use the form to the right to add your personal experience with Al Barry or our modular medical apparel. Please note, your submission will be screened and posted subject to approval.

Patient Testing Testimony - “I still wear the apparel…”

January 20, 2011 by John E Meyer

Take this testimony from someone who actually uses the modular medical apparel -- this is dignified comfort for your long term medical treatment or even a short term hospital stay. Worth every penny, and if you care to help a "Wounded Warrior", I can tell you it would do more for their recovery than many other things you could do. Flowers are wonderful but the apparel is even better. Al Barry was a great man and supporting the Foundation honors his legacy and helps a "Wounded Warrior" heal in dignity!
The web site and the Foundation is a tribute to Al Barry and speaks to Ms. Liz and all she stands for and all that she is. You see, I have known Ms. Liz -- I most often called her "Mama Liz" -- almost my entire life. We became disconnected over the years because, well, life happens. She was my Mother's best friend until we lost her to cancer. Adulthood brought me many challenges over the years, iincluding unexpected severe blood clotting issues in the arteries in my legs -- which put me at considerable risk of loss of limbs even today.
"Mama Liz" asked me to test a set of the early samples of the modular medical apparel so that I could be comfortable and yet maintain a level of dignity and still be "close to naked" for any and all testing the last two years. The modular wear, designed to be sure the patient is able to be comfortable, dignified and yet provide access for testing (and no need for a stupid hospital gown) have been a wonder for me and my family. I can tell you, from the "consumer point of view", doctors, nurses and other staff like them and are very much delighted to not only allow me to wear them, but love the fact that they offer the patient, nurses and other techs accessibility with honor, dignity and, above all for the patient, comfort. Many of them are also asking me to get them set up in order to supply a small portion of their long term patients. In short,
Thank you Mama Liz, cannot wait for you to go retail with the apparel - BarryBasics - in the coming months. I love ya!